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A Raven's Light is Raven McKevlin's debut poetry book. This collection of poems shares stories of heartache, spiritual trauma, healing love, and finding the light within oneself. The reader is carried through the painful, beautiful, and brave journey Raven takes as she learns to embrace her own voice.  

The book was inspired by the Northwest Coast legend Raven Brings the Light. Raven uses images of a raven and light in many of her creative projects to connect to this legend. Raven's brother and graphic designer Ethan McKevlin designed the book in its entirety, from the cover to the layout to the interior artwork.

You can find more of his design and art work at

Matthew Foley worked as Raven's writing coach throughout the book-writing process. Matthew is a certified life coach, meditation teacher, writer, and podcast host residing near Asheville, NC. You can learn more about his work at

Want to purchase your copy of A Raven's Light? Click here.

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