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Loving God, Loving Myself: A Healing Journey with Raven McKevlin

An excerpt from podcast host Matthew Foley:

"I am really excited to share this conversation with my dear friend Raven McKevlin - poet, filmmaker, and queer Christian living in Charleston SC.

In this episode, we talk about her journey of spiritual healing, a journey of realizing that loving God & loving oneself is really the same love.

We explore what it’s like to recover from “spiritual trauma” - experiences of guilt, shame, and fear brought on by religious belief & religious community.

We discuss the unlearning that both of us did to see & understand the Divine in new ways, that welcome all of who we are, and help us release old stories that told us we were unworthy in the eyes of God.

Raven also shares two poems from her new poetry book, A Raven’s Light, which was released earlier this year (2020). You can buy your copy of A Raven’s Light and stay in touch with Raven at her website:

Episode 17: Loving God, Loving Myself with Raven McKevlin is available right now! Here’s where you can listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Sound Cloud & Stitcher.

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Thanks for listening!"


The Truth of Your Worth: Poetry & Conversation with Raven McKevlin & Matthew Foley


An excerpt from podcast host Matthew Foley:

"After finishing the recording for A Path To Call Your Own Episode 17, "Loving God, Loving Yourself: A Journey of Healing", my guest Raven McKevlin & I decided to keep the microphones on a little longer and recorded a bonus episode just for Patreon supporters.

Raven & I traded poems back and forth from our new poetry books: A Raven's Light (released back in April 2020) and Mountain Medicine (released Summer 2020). After each poem, we explore the life experiences that inspired each poem, discussing themes of healing, shame, voice, freedom, and self-love.

If you enjoyed our full episode, you will really love this bonus conversation.

If you’re not already a patron of the podcast, head to

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