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Raven McKevlin is a professional coach, filmmaker, and writer. A native of Charleston, SC, Raven developed passions for creativity, storytelling, and advocacy as she grew up alongside the songs of the ocean, the footprints of many faced with injustice, and the bridges stretching across diverse communities. Through her projects, Raven seeks to be a vessel in movements towards social justice, equity, openness, and God's infinite love.

Raven is currently taking on new coaching clients. As an Enneagram and life coach, Raven helps folks to dig deeper into who we they are and how they can best care for themselves and others through empowering conversations, creative strategies for self-exploration and growth, and a focus on mental wellness. Raven is dedicated to providing spaces that are inclusive and allow others to feel seen. She'd would love to talk with you over a cup of coffee or tea about whatever is on your heart.


Raven is also currently taking on a few select videography clients. For questions regarding videography services specifically, please visit the videography page, which will connect you to Raven's official media site.

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